Tree of Teeth


I know, I know. Normally trees have edible things on them, or at least stuff that's green, or natural. Teeth are natural, but I suppose trees don't usually have, like, body parts on them. Sorry for that visual. Well, why can't a tree have teeth on it, and look like a face at the same time? I guess that's what I was thinking when I created this Tree of Teeth design.

Who says it's a Tree, anyway? I suppose that would be me, wouldn't it! It just looks like one to me, but maybe it's not, maybe it's just as easily a self-portrait?  Oh well.. Whatever!


Why am I thinking about teeth?


Well, it's a long story, but teeth, and dentists especially, have long been a source of stress for me in my life. I don't really understand why, either. I mean teeth are hard things, that live in my mouth, and I use them to talk and eat food, and probably for some other things that I am not remembering, or admitting! haha


What I don't understand is how teeth can turn into such a source of stress for me and so many other people. Why can't they be more like the hair on my head? Hair. It doesn't hurt when you touch it. It doesn't hurt when you cut it. And if you don't feel in the right mood for paying a professional, you can cut it yourself in your living room without any real ramifications except for your friends laughing at you. Which - mine regularly laugh at me anyways, so it's all good!!


I'm trying to learn to love the idea of teeth and get over wondering why dentists get paid 2 grand an hour and I don't. I actually really like this art piece. I find it's cute, but also mysterious. You can join me on this journey of attempting to have good vibes about teeth. It might not be easy, but it's maybe worth a shot. Count the teeth in your spare time (are you sure you got the number right?) or be mesmerized by that face, hiding within them all.




You may notice that you can still see some of my little left-over pencil marks in this piece. I invite you to embrace this imperfection. I left it there on purpose, to remind myself that nothing in nature is perfect. And nothing about me - or you - needs to be perfect, either. We are beautiful the way that we are, and yes, that includes YOU!  *insert inspirational hug here*


Is it Waterproof?


3ATM = Daily Splash Resistant


Just like the Steel Strap Watch in our store tagged with 3ATM water resistance label, this watch is actually splash resistant, which is OK for some rain, hand washing, and other occasional contact with water. Please, don't take it 30 meters below water. Teeth don't usually like to go swimming all by themselves, anyway.


Shipping, Warranty, & Returns


All watches are shipped worldwide for free using global partners such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, etc.

All watches come with a tracking number and a one year warranty, that includes free return shipping if you do encounter an issue.

We are only able to offer refunds in the case where the package arrives damaged or goes missing.


Original art by Carmen Allison. (me ;)

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Style: Tooth Watch

Gender Unisex
Movement CITIZEN
Case Stainless Steel
Bands Stainless Steel
Crown Collision-Avoidance Lock-down Crown
Diameter  41mm
Thickness 8mm
Water-resistance 3 ATM
Occasion Business / Casual