Intersections Illustrated: Stop Signs Edition eBook



Understand the rules of the road with confidence! Pass your road test, drive safely, & prepare for on-road driving.

  • Gain confidence & knowledge 
  • Learn the techniques to keep you SAFE while driving 
  • Learn about driving from the comfort of your own home
  • Prepare for your on-road practical driving experience  

Intersections Illustrated: Stop Signs Edition is a 57 page PDF I've written for new drivers. This is an entire eBook about Stop Signs. I get in there DEEP. There are many intersection diagrams included.

Now, not everyone can write a whole eBook about Stop Signs. That takes talent (or something) 

This is a great resource for brand new drivers, & drivers coming to Canada from another country who perhaps aren't used to 4-way stops and other types of stop sign intersections.

It can benefit any driver looking to brush up on their stop sign intersections. 


Inside the eBook you will learn about


  • Different types of stop sign intersections
  • Right-of-way rules at stop signs
  • Intersection etiquette at stop signs
  • Safe intersection skills & tips at stop signs
  • How to safely & properly respond to pedestrians at stop sign intersections
  • Which cars to yield to at different stop sign intersections
  • How to deal with common situations that happen in stop sign intersections
  • Where to look & in what order to check things before you turn the corner 
  • Vehicle positioning tips
  • Yield sign tips 
  • Turning right, left, and proceeding straight through stop sign intersections safely 
  • Situations that new drivers need to be aware of 
  • When to do the right-turn shoulder checks 
  • Four way stop procedures & why we 'yield to the right' 
  • Driving in lanes/back alley 


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