Dempster 2


Chasing dreams


For several years, I had this dream of driving the Dempster Highway, after seeing and drooling about it in a magazine. You've maybe never heard about this 740 km long road without any gas station, don't worry about that.


It's in the middle of no where, calling itself a bucket list journey from Dawson City, Yukon (Canada) to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, offering incredible scenery, wide open spaces, and and remote beauty.


The whole time we were on that highway, I could count the total number of humans we had encountered, on one hand.  You really are all alone up there.


Why did this highway call my name so badly? Perhaps a special combination of things, the incredible beauty, the wide open spaces that are so hard to come by, when you've been used to living in a big city for most of your life. Or maybe a craving for a more primal connection, just me and the earth, so simple, no distractions.


Beautiful Scenery Everywhere


This route had so many beautiful things to take a photo of, it was crazy. I really enjoyed these 'knuckle mountains' as I called them. Here is yet another photo taken during the summer solstice, just at the right time of day (it was probably at midnight to tell you the truth, yes, 'midnight sun' is a real thing) to turn these mountains pink. They aren't pink, but they look pink here. That is some kind of magic trick I believe.  


 A splash of yellow


A little splash of yellow makes the scene complete. Such a simple scene. It reminds me of when life was much simpler than it is now - well that was probably before I was born lol - but I still find myself dreaming about the concept of that sometimes.


If you can't make it to the Dempster yet, try this watch on for size, it might just remind you of that feeling of life being simple and beautiful.


Is it Waterproof?


3ATM = Daily Splash Resistant


Just like the Steel Strap Watch in our store tagged with 3ATM water resistance label, this watch is actually splash resistant, which is OK for some rain, hand washing, and other occasional contact with water. Please, don't take it 30 meters below water. Mountians don't usually like swimming, anyway!


Shipping, Warranty, & Returns


All watches are shipped worldwide for free using global partners such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, etc.

All watches come with a tracking number and a one year warranty, that includes free return shipping if you do encounter an issue.

We are only able to offer refunds in the case where the package arrives damaged or goes missing.


Photograph by Carmen Allison. (me ;)

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Style: Dempster 2

Gender Unisex
Movement CITIZEN
Case Stainless Steel
Bands Stainless Steel
Crown Collision-Avoidance Lock-down Crown
Diameter  38mm
Thickness 8mm
Water-resistance 3 ATM
Occasion Business / Casual