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For some reason, I've been creating my art 🎨 for years and leaving it in my closet to collect dust. WTF!? I realized this was WRONG!, decided to be brave, and share my art with the world, hoping that you will not be able to see through too deep into my soul of dark secrets that may be lurking. Just kidding... maybe.... ok probably not haha

I spent many years working as a driving instructor, but I’m kind of over it now. I will always love driving. Check out BC Driving Blog (another website I created in 2012) where I wrote many articles to help drivers with the whole driving thing.I really get in there deep with the details, so if you need to brush up on your driving, for sure check it out! I even wrote a big long thing about how to properly turn a corner. 😂 Oh yea, I did that.

I also have a YouTube channel for my driving website, Instagram, and Facebook

I'm excited to share my weird art with you! If you're looking for a truly unique and abstract item, this is your place.  

Email if you have any questions, we are here,