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 Here at Shop Carmen Allison we dream to add a little joy & spice up your life with unique & special items, items not found anywhere but here. All art is original and done by Carmen A. Shock your friends with a truly unique gift, such as our Lucky 7 Star iPhone or Samsung Case.

Did you or someone you know just move and are currently staring at blank, empty, BORING walls? Check out this brilliant Sun God 3-Piece Canvas Set. It is guaranteed to brighten and add a splash of good vibes to any room. Need a small gift for a special someone? You can't go wrong with a Glossy Starmaze Magic Mug, which at first appears black, but reveals a vibrant art print when exposed to hot liquids.

And of course, leggings are the new jeans, so do check out our growing selection of insanely comfortable leggings. Creep out your friends with the Creepy Yoga Leggings. Say goodbye to boring, everyday, bland items, and say HELLO! to unique, uplifting, and mysterious items, perfect for everyday life and special occasions alike. 😊